Drunk Christmas Tree Decorating

Posted on December 20th by Jenna

Hey my sweet baby angel mouses, this week I really wanted to put up my christmas tree so I did, but I got kind of drunk. Apparently being a grown up turned out to be pretty weird? Things that also got placed in my tree include a dope ass disguise mask, kermit's santa costume, and a fucking useless $2 bill that someone gave to me as change and then the next day i realized what it was and was PISSED. Now it just sits on my mantle, it's cool. I just wanted to buy a lollipop with it, you know? Also, during this whole video some guy was sexting Courtney the whole time, get it girl. Yes also it is true that Max and I broke up, it's pretty sad. But you don't have to be sad because we're friends, we just needed to break up for now and if we are meant to be together I'm sure we will. Will you bring me some ice cream and we can hang out together and talk about polar bears and stuff? That would be really fun, I would like it a lot. So would Marbles, Kermit will probably be doing his own thing because he cray. You guys, I also ate taco bell immediately followed by regret. Who knows where spaceships go? Aliens. Who knows where aliens are? Kittens.

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