For Those of You Looking To Help With Boston Marathon Bombing

Posted on April 23rd by Jenna


Marc's Donation Page

I received the following email today about one of the victims in the Boston Marathon bombing:

Hi Jenna,
My name is Eddie Fucarile and I hope this email finds you doing well. I am writing to you on behalf of my brother Marc Fucarile of Stoneham Ma. I finally got your email address at about 3:30 am this morning from Al Kopek, I actually graduated with his brother and he and my brother graduated together. I was the one who lent Al my old Buick convertible that he used in a photo shoot with you a number of years ago. I know you know my brother but I"m not sure if you are aware that he was critically injured in the Marathon Attack last Monday. I was sitting in the waiting room of the ICU at MA General Hospital yesterday morning trying to think of ways to spread the word about Marc and I saw you on GMA! I had to contact you and see if there was any way that you could try to share my brothers story with as many of your followers as possible? I loved following you during your time on Barstool Sports and have enjoyed many of your videos. I am very happy for you and your success! ANYTHING that you can do to help my family and I try to make our fundraising attempt as successful as possible would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to help could you please pass along Marc's website information to as many as possible,

Thank You!

Marc's Donation Page

Boston is my home. Being across the country when a tragedy occurs worrying about family and friends is one of the most helpless feelings in the world. We have all followed the news and heard the stories and feel like there isn't much we can do but check in and make sure the people we love are okay. Finally there is something (at least I feel like) I can do to help. Anything you can donate to Marc and his family for medical expenses from this senseless act of violence would be appreciated more than you can imagine, the links are at the top, middle, and bottom of this blog along with more of his story. If you know of any other victims dealing with this, please ask them to set up a donation page and send them to and I will put any and all of them on my blog and anywhere else I can.

Marc's Donation Page


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