I Have A Very Rebecca Black Friday Relationship With This.

Posted on May 9th by Jenna

I Have A Very Rebecca Black Friday Relationship with this song Judas by Lady Gaga. When I first heard it, it scrambled my brain. It made me feel like I was having a seizure. I don't even know what's going on this clusterfuck of a video except that Judas=hot and Jesus looks like a gay dude (no offense Jesus). But I will tell you something, I have been singing this song non-stop for about 3 days now. Why? I don't fucking know, but I like it now. Partly because it is so obnoxious, and partly because when I sing it in the company of others it instantly makes them angry even though I know deep down inside they want to sing it too. Except I would like to share with you that my favorite remix that is out is the one that goes "Jenna Jenna ah." That one really gets the party going. Other remixes have included "Marble Mar ba le" and "Kermie Kermie worm."

*Tips for singing the dog name version to your dog for self confidence*
Because this song doesn't have the built in confidence aspect like The Power Rangers theme song, I find that you should sing it to your dog in one of two ways for most effective results. Either a soft acoustic version (Marbles likes this one the best) where you very softly sing "Marble Mar ba le" right in his ear until he closes his eyes, that's how you know he's feeling great inside. Or the hyper-excited high pitched almost opera like version that Kermit prefers. A high energy "Kermie Kermie Worm!!" paired with some jazz hands really gets him pumped for the day.


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