I'm So In Love With How To Basic

Posted on August 26th by Jenna

So ever since I found HowToBasic's channel a while back I've had a borderline obsession with his videos. Like saying that I laughed until I was in tears is an understatement, I was doing that like, I'm out of air hyperventilating while also crying and holding my chest from giggle pain and kicking my feet around because they can't control themselves either and I need to rewind half of the video now because I missed it while laughing with my eyes closed because they can't stay open from the straight up fuckery I just watched holy shit I just fell off the couch and knocked over my lemonade and hit my funny bone man that hurt like a motherfucker and now I'm running to the bathroom because I think I just piddled myself kind of laughing. He is a laughter time legend in my eyes.

He had DM'd me on twitter that he wanted to include my awesome Kermie Worm and Marbles toys in one of his videos and he actually did and I can't even believe it. Like I'm fangirling my tits off right now. And to add sexual to sexual, when I was in Australia I was dying to meet him at VidInc, of course I have no idea what he looks like or how to identify him because he stays completely anonymous which is actually pretty cool, but he DM'd me again after the event and SAID HE WAS THERE AND THAT HE SAW ME! Come on bro I just want to shake your legend hand and hug your legend body my friend this isn't even fair! He is just a mystery wrapped in an enigma trapped in a question mark. It's killing me.

Anyways this video is fanfuckingtastic and yes it is age restricted but come on guys, make a fake YouTube account with a fake birthday and watch this shit. And then go back and watch all of my videos that got age restricted too. You're smarter than that. You're the internet. And I fucking love HowToBasic so much I just got pregnant.