Instagram Post January 20, 2016 at 04:30PM

Posted on January 20th by Jenna

... via Instagram; (Continued from previous post) like as weird as possible, he just didn't know how to start because no one wanted to. Everyone was too busy or had no interest in making weird shit, or he would have to find someone he could pay to let him just experiment with lighting and setting things up for hours, but who has money for that? I said you know who has time Al, I do. I have all the time in the world for that. No it wasn't may favorite thing in the world to have my picture taken, never has been never will be, but my favorite thing about this time in my life was working with someone who was so creatively passionate and experimental and getting to see his process. His highs, his lows, working with someone to make their vision they so desperately needed to get out as a catharsis come to fruition by being the vessel for that. It was beautiful to see his triumphs artistically (which he was always far too critical of) and what happens, for me personally, when you are just open. Open to new experiences and appreciate someone else's craft even if you don't understand it, and how by just being there and happy and open can make such a difference for someone else's artistic life. Most artists work alone, taking their inspiration from life and pushing it into their medium in solitude, and I am just so honored and appreciative that someone was able to do that with me present, it certainly is not lost on me how big of a deal that is. So to you these might just seem like odd pictures, but to me this signifies a turning point in my life as well as Allan's of when I became a free spirit and when Allan realized he can do what he wants in life, that it is valued, and it's beautiful when he lets what's inside... out. Thank you for shaping a big part of me into who I am, I'm lucky to have shared this time with you, and I will always admire you as an artist and the things you create, and I hope that other people that are looking for inspiration can find some of that from you as well. I appreciate you as a human and a friend, and I'm so happy to see you continue to do what to love with the same relentless passion, curiosity, and experimentation that you started with. Love you Al, Jenna.; View on Instagram