Instagram Post June 06, 2015 at 12:10AM

Posted on June 6th by Jenna

... via Instagram; Today is my little boy Charles Franklin Marbles' 7th birthday. This month all of the dogs have their birthdays and I want to say something special about each of them on their special day. (Marbles is the 5th, Peach on the 15th, and Kermit on the 20th). To my little Marbles,
Happy 7th birthday to my best friend in the whole world. I cannot believe we have been on this magical life journey for 7 years together, you have been with me through so much. You are my first dog I've ever had, when I was a kid I blew out my birthday candles wishing some day I could have you and you're everything I hoped you would be like and more. You are the most loyal and sweet dog anyone could ask for. In 7 years we have only spent handfuls of days apart, you sleep in my arms every single night like a little teddy bear. I can't imagine life without you in it, you have been the most wonderful companion and today you get all the treats and chicken and things that Marbles likes. I hope you like your new sweatshirt 😂 and I hope we get so many more years together my little guy.; View on Instagram