Instagram Post June 23, 2015 at 12:33AM

Posted on June 23rd by Jenna

... via Instagram; Sorry for the late post, Kermits 5th birthday was on Saturday June 20th but we were too busy putting on the doggie birthday hat and lolling so I hope you don't mind if I do this late. To my little Kermit, you are by far, hands down, the weirdest dog I have ever met. When I got you as a puppy you were the runt of your litter, you cried for three days straight except for when you were sleeping, I have never seen a dog cry while eating chicken until I met you. The only way I could comfort you was putting you inside my shirt and then spending the rest of the day like that, even if it meant I had to cook, work, anything I was doing like that, you just demanded to be in my shirt. It's almost like you were refusing to be born and just wanted to live inside my pregnant dog belly for the rest of your life. As you grew up you turned out to be so fun, sweet and just the most relaxed dog, you love when people hold you like a baby or just sit somewhere so you can sit on top of them. You are so sweet to the other dogs, you and Marbles have the most adorable bromance and I always joked that when Peach was a baby you were like my built in babysitter always entertaining her and playing with her, watching after her if I couldn't keep an eye on her. Other than that though not much has changed, I don't think I have walked into a room alone in 5 years. When I stay up late and work you refuse to go to bed with the other dogs and want to just sit with me for however long it takes. You swim on the carpets, you love rubbing your face on shower floors, you act like jackets are some form of torture and breathe like you're in a horror movie when they're on you, you get stuck in the duvet cover and panic because you can't remember how to get out. Every day for 5 years has been filled with your eclectic and endearing weirdness. When I was a little girl I had a stuffed animal names Grey Doggie that I took with me everywhere, my mom still has it, and I always dreamt of having my very own Grey Doggie & here you are. You are loving, majestic, hysterical, & thank you for being my best friend. Happy 5th birthday Cermet, you can stay a baby for as long as you like & I will watair you forever.; View on Instagram