Instagram Post March 29, 2015 at 04:05PM

Posted on March 29th by Jenna

... via Instagram; A few days ago I posted on my blog and on Facebook about my friend Mac, the link to what I wrote is in my bio on here, and I just have to say the outpouring of support and well wishes has been so incredible and has meant the absolute world to him. Mac and I were roommates in Boston and have been friends for many years. He suddenly had his entire world turned upside down when he was diagnosed with stage IV glioblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer. The money that is donated to him will not only allow him to get the treatment that he needs, but will allow his family to be by his side who have temporarily relocated to boston during his fight. From the bottom of my heart thank you a million times, the amount of $5 donations from complete strangers wishing him well and even just the positive comments and thoughts for him have been so amazing. You guys have shared stories with me in the comments about how cancer has effected your loved ones and it feels incredible to know that no one fights cancer alone. Even if you leave a positive comment on here, a happy puppy kitty thought, your favorite joke, some nice words for Mac, it is all so greatly appreciated and I love you. Okay? Don't forget that I love you thanks.; View on Instagram