My Lipgloss

Posted on December 13th by Jenna

A lot of people have been asking me what color I have on my lips in these pictures and What Bitches Wear To The Airport so I thought, what the fuck, I might as well type up my useless information about it in a blog that no one who asked about it will ever see.

I'm actually just wearing 2 shades of red lipgloss here. Why 2? I don't know, I put the first one on and was like, hey that looks cool lets wear that in the video today. Just to change up the pink whore lip look I usually go for. Then I was looking at my boobs for a minute and forgot where I was and saw another shade of red sitting in front of me and thought, woah shiny. So I put that one on top of it and kind of mixed them together for no reason at all. No lipliner or lipstick or anything like that because for the most part I don't have any patience for that shit.

The glosses both came in a Sephora palette that is, unsurprisingly, no longer available because Sephora loves to make the same shit over and over again and call it new. Like it doesn't even say the names of the products anywhere on the packaging so I'm just going to go ahead and call them Cherry Red and Darker Than That Red. They are little mini sizes that came from what I believe is this product:

They're both kind of a sheer sticky red. I, unlike many people who write about makeuping things on the internet, really enjoy a sticky lipgloss because I'm a hooker like that because it lasts so much longer. Yeah it's not cool when the wind blows and your hair gets all stuck in but hey, that's why I did my hair up that day. Suck it lipgloss, I have defeated you.

Let me know any other questions you might have and maybe I'll make a blog happen about it if I can get over my mild retardation for 10 minutes or so to write it.