My New Favorite YouTube Channel. Ever.

Posted on June 6th by Jenna

Yesterday I tweeted this video that I found on the top rated page of YouTube starring Cantaloupe (lol at that name so hard I can't even stand it) the kleptomaniac Italian Greyhound. I wish I could say I found it some magical way using my psychic ability to find other hilarious Kermies on the interwebs but alas, I use the internet the same way everyone else does. I made it about .5 seconds before I got a serious case of the giggles, the kind that makes you cry and snort and roll around. I watched it maybe 10 million times before I went to bed and then 10 million more times today. Then I decided to click on her channel. I was hoping to see more of Cantaloupe (the black unicorn) so Kermit and I could marvel at her elegant naughtiness, but I was surprised to find that there were not too many other videos of her. "What is le this??" I said to myself, scrolling through thumbnails of other heavenly furry creatures. "So furry, so cute. Must click." Then I proceeded to spend more time than I would ever like to admit to anyone other than Marbles watching the cuteness unfold before declaring it...


I don't know this girl, but let me tell you something. If she is somewhere that I can get to via train, plane, car, magic carpet, unicorn, pegasus, Falcor, Starship Enterprise, UFO, anaconda, canoe or covered wagon, I will go to this heaven on earth and have the absolute best day of my life. Who is this mystery goddess living amongst the furriest cutest animals God/Jesus man/Allah/Buddah/Michael Jackson's fairytale mind every created? It can't be real. I just refuse to believe it. Absolutely incredible.

And as a side not as to why I wrote a blog, as I was going through her videos I kept wanting to tweet certain ones, some of them only have a few thousand views so I know you likely would appreciate the cuteness being shared and not selfishly kept to myself. But then I realized the whole channel is full of videos I want to tweet, so I just did this instead. Want want want. Need need need. I really am this excited about it, like its own whole blog worth of excited. I love and want this girls fucking life.