My New Vacuum Cleaner Just Fucked Me

Posted on September 19th by Jenna

So I got this sweet ass vacuum for my new apartment.  I just wanted something little to clean up crumbs and stuff in the kitchen and around the house, nothing too crazy because I just cannot handle all the magical scientific advances in vacuums, rockets and space ships... science. Like I browsed through the section where they were on display and it's just fucking giant rolling balls and suction and steam and oh my god I have no idea. So I picked this little guy.  Guess what else it does?  That middle part detaches and then becomes a mini dust buster. I mean double win. Not only is it orange, but it can do two things, holy shit. That blew my mind, so I took it home to be in my family.

Then I was reading through the instructions, specifically item number 28 with a picture describing how to clean it.

Lol. Wut.

I need another fucking vacuum cleaner to clean my vacuum? What kind of ass fuckery is this? Now I'm all emotionally attached to my little orange buddy vacu-dust buster, I can't go get another vacuum to clean my vacuum. That's just not even economical. I got fucked by a vacuum that needs to be cleaned with another vacuum.  Maybe next time I'll just buy a Jesus to clean my house that runs on prayer.  Fuck you Ergorapido.

I'm still keeping it though.  But I'll resent it for its whole life.