Oh Great Job Good Morning America!

Posted on April 22nd by Jenna

I had the absolute ... ahem... pleasure of sitting down with Cecilia Vega last week to do this segment after that New York Times article came out, spent about an hour or so having an actual interview with her. Most of the questions included more and more insulting ways to prod me with "why should anyone care" and "no one does care because who the fuck are you." What seemed even more embarrassing was her emphasis on "getting to know who you are because no one in the real world does" even though I had already been interviewed almost two years prior via webcam... on Good Morning America (and we all remember how accurate that turned out, THE ANTI-GRINDING MOVEMENT... GET WITH IT AMERICA!). Cecilia was incredibly patronizing to me in person and implied it to everyone that watches and enjoys my videos, I think that shows pretty clearly as they chose to make a piece apparently about the word ridiculous instead of anything with actual substance. Yet another example of how traditional media doesn't get how the internet machine works, nor do they care because they can edit things together with dings and speech bubbles and make fun of people on their awesome tv machines! Great work Cecilia and all of the Good Morning America team, hats off to you. I'm sure all of these annoying internet people will go away soon enough so real people like you can go back to work without being bothered by these troglodytes anymore.