Oh Hey Look, A New Blog

Posted on April 14th by Jenna

Well well well, look what we have here. It's a new blog. Who's fucking excited right now? Anybody? Anybody?  I'm going to keep around some of the stuff from the old blog (RIP), maybe some Morning Cuteness (although it might just be like whenever-day Cuteness) and whatever hilariousness I find on the internet before anyone else, maybe still have some Friday Jams of the Week.  You can also find my Friday night UStreams here, featuring characters such as Sethlicious, Max, Hello Kymmy, and anyone else that ever stops by.  Usually no one.  *Crying.* I'll keep all of my videos and vlogs here, as well as Hello Kymmy's videos for those of you out there trying to get your pretty girl action on, you guys know I'm pretty challenged.    Other than that you're going to get some blogs from my straight up brain, Marbles and Kermit may write some guest blogs too.  Gonna be cool.