The Time I Was On The Mom's View

Posted on June 14th by Jenna

I had no idea what to expect when I went on The Mom's View, I was like, but I'm only a mom to furry animal things? Does that count? Oh you guys talk about other things too? Heyyyyy now I can come feel regular. But honestly this show is full of people that I happen to like (a lot) as human beings, so I really just wanted to go hang out with them and make friendship times and giggle for a little. Don't tell anyone. But here is the interview in case you missed it, and yes I really am this awkward in person. Keep that in mind for the time that you meet me some day and then leave whispering to your friends, "what was wrong with her, that was weird...."

Seriously though I had fun and for those of you that occasionally want non-joke answers to come out of my mouth, some of those happened here.