These Almonds Are Magical

Posted on February 15th by Jenna


A couple of months ago I decided to try these Marcona Almonds that had never existed in my universe world before, just to really live my life on the edge.  They're still technically almonds according to scientist people that love plants so much they argue about things like that, but I'll tell you that as a regular human that they don't exactly taste like almonds.  They're lighter, sweeter and smoother somehow...  with sort of a nuttier taste (if that's possible?).  I don't really know how to describe them, just awesomely delicious.

As many of you know, I keep a vegan diet at least 6 days a week.  You can watch the video I made a while back about it here, I really need to make an updated one with some more information, people seem to have a lot of questions about it.  Back to the point though, nuts and vegans are like BFF's.  They provide fats and proteins among other health benefits you should probably Google if this is news to you, and do a great job of being sexual little snacks whenever you need a pick me up or as nom nommy additions to recipes.  My favorite use for nuts is in my salads which I usually eat at lunch time.  A handful of these or any other nuts (walnuts, pine nuts, cashews, etc.) make my salads magical.  Raw nuts and fruit, dried or fresh, also make a hearty high fiber snack which will help you feel fuller longer.  When I buy them I try to stick to ones that are raw, not roasted or salted, although I do buy salted nuts occasionally as my diet is very low in sodium as it is (it's not only healthy, but helps keep off water weight and bloat).  When I crave things it's usually salt and chocolate, just the fattiest fat kid combination ever.  If I'm having one of those days when nothing is going right and all I want to do is cry and eat macaroni and cheese all day, I'll snack on a handful or two of salted nuts and drink a full glass of water or hot tea.  Hot temperature helps with feeling satisfied, at least for me.  Then if it's really that bad after 20 minutes or so and I still want to cry and eat my feelings, I'll go hard as a motherfucker on some comfort food.  Sometimes you just need to you know?  Side note however, there is such a thing as vegan mac and cheese (and just about everything else) which makes me unbelievably happy with way less inner sadness afterwards.  But for the most part, a little salt can go a long way when you're really craving something bad.  Only thing to be careful about with nuts is that the calories do add up fast.  If you ever have a handful of nuts and want to keep snacking, get some celery, carrot sticks or fruit, drink a glass of water, and see how you feel after you eat it.

So apparently this blog has turned into drivel about nuts and less about Marcona Almonds.  All I wanted to tell you was that I had never tried them before, then I did, and they were good.  I want you to have good things too.  If you like nuts you should give them a whirl.  Also unicorns.



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