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Posted on March 26th by Jenna

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Link to Mac's GoFundMe Page:


Hi friends,


I don't usually do things like this, because well, things like this don't usually happen. If you have any time today to read a little about him and what he's going through, it would mean the world to me. For real. This is Mac.

I used to live in this dumpy dumpy 4 bedroom (1 bathroom, lulz) apartment in Cambridge Massachusetts (2 dumpy's is completely necessary, trust me) for about five years during late college and a little after. Sometime around 2008, one of my roommates had moved out and I put a posting on Craigslist to fill the room. Just normal regular stuff that happens every year, time to find a new weirdo! Yippee!! I would always make my Craigslist posts as funny as possible to try to attract people I hoped would be fun and around my same age, someone cool, I couldn't really have high hopes though because the room I was renting was terrible, and Craigslist is Craigslist. I'll take what I can get. I had on rubber gloves and a bandana one day, just looking like a complete asshole, cleaning the absolute fuck out of my so-shitty-it-can-never-actually-be-clean-apartment when I got a phone call from someone who wanted to come see the place. "Sure" I said, "just come over whenever." Gave them the address, sighed, knowing that it was going to be someone asking me if it's cool if they practice their french fucking horn for 6 hours a day or if it's alright that they have a kid and 3 cats that they can squish into a closet of a bedroom. I mulled around with my sponges and paper towels trying to make the place look decent. There was a knock at the door. Wow that was fast.

In walks Mac DeClue, a shockingly normal, polite guy. What the hell? Are you here to see a friend or something? You're here to see the place? Haha! I got excited for four seconds that someone might live in the house that didn't give me the creeps, until I realized that I was going to show him the saddest apartment he'd see all day, there's no way he'd want to live there. Dammit. Oh well, at least I'd get to talk to him for a little bit, he seemed really nice and funny. I showed him around the place, the sad one bathroom, the kitchen with almost no appliances, wrapping up our grand tour with a view of our parking lot of a shared backyard with the two upper units. He told me a little about himself, explained he had just graduated from college and moved to town and was staying in a hotel until he found a place. I flat out told him the room was his if he wanted it, without question or hesitation. Move in now! Please move in now! Pleeeeeeeaseee (me begging) pleeeease! He made jokes and stuff and seemed like someone I would hang out with pleeeeease move in what do I have to do please because someone crazy is coming later this afternoon and just move in so it's taken pleeeeaseeeeee!

And he did.

Not only was Mac a wonderful roommate, but he turned out to be a wonderful friend as well. That's not always the case when you live with strangers, sometimes you just live together and sometimes you get to know each other. We would sit and talk for hours, go to the store together, watch tv together, he even named my dog Mr. Marbles (I wouldn't even be Jenna Marbles if Mac hadn't named him that). I introduced him to my friends, and Mac still lives with my ex boyfriend Brian now. Brian I knew you were just coming over to hang out with Mac I knew it! (kidding). But something else funny happened, we always stayed in touch and always stayed friends. Even when I moved out to California, every trip back to Boston isn't worth it unless I could see Mac. He really is just a kind, hilarious and wonderful person that I'm so glad is my friend. And when I got the news of what he was going through, it was quite a difficult thing for me to sit with. Especially being so far away, I can't just walk down our shitty hall and knock on his door and give him a hug. I wanted to share with you what Mac means to me and what's happening to him. The links above and below this text are to his GoFundMe page where you can read about his story further, his type of cancer, and if you can help him and his family at all, I know it would be deeply appreciated by them, and if you can't help I just want to say thank you for reading this and for reading about Mac. It means a lot to me, and Mac means a lot to me. And even maybe if you could just think some awesome positive thoughts and send them to Mac that would just be the best. Preferably really funny thoughts about puppies and kittens and nannerpus remix etc.


Thank you for reading this.




P.S. I fucking hate cancer it's the stupidest fucking fuck shit ever fuck you fuck off cancer fuck. FUCK.


Link to Mac's GoFundMe Page:


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