22 Seconds Of My Gross Ass Wisdom Teeth

Posted on September 19th by Jenna

It really wasn't that bad, they were all the way in and not pushing on my other teeth. I only had them out because I for some reason never got the bottom ones and so my wisdom teeth on the top were hitting my bottom gums which I guess can cause some issues in the future. I was super sad because they were my friends 😔 😂 as soon as then dentist pulled them out I went "byeeeee friieeends! And my dentist laughed. Dentists that laugh are cool. Also I'm not on any loopy drugs just novo cane and was not prescribed any pain killers just Advil. That stuff terrifies me because of the sad stories I hear of people getting addicted, even when I broke my hand when they prescribed me pain killers I just don't even fill the prescription. As much as I wanted to make a hilarious Jenna After Dentist video, it's just not worth it to me to fuck with that stuff. Maybe if I was giving birth to a child or something but a couple of teeth I can handle. P.S. No I did not keep those motherfuckers they can go live in the garbage bye Felicia.