Dinnering And Reactions To YouTube Rewind Vlogmas Day 8

Posted on December 10th by Jenna

Hope you guys like my dinnering. Not to be confused with dining, dining is for people with large tables and colorful table runners on them with placemats and china and actual silver silverware and leave their table set all the time even if no one is eating there, we all know a person like that and you just look at their table and go lol wtf is that. It's dinnering and yes I just found out recently that most bagels are vegan, just read the ingredients, except for egg bagels obviously because it's fucking egg ya dummy. And if you would like a mini review of that vegan cream cheese it is A+++++++ really honestly one of my favorite pre-packaged vegan products, it tastes just like cream cheese and the consistency is spot on and not gluey like other vegan products. It's made from tofu, I try not to have stuff like this be too regular in my diet, the goal is plant based, but when julien is gone and i just want a hot quick dinner you best believe I got some bagels and cream cheese and soup on hand for such an occasion. Happy vlogmas, I'll hopefully have another one up later and on my main channel tonight, so 3 videos today come onnnnnnn caffeine we can do this omg where am I. BYEEEEEEE.