How Guys Get Dressed

Posted on December 5th by Jenna

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THE EPIC MALE CONCLUSION of how girls gets dressed, goes straight to nowhereville because what the actual fuck is this video even about. And before all of you lose your tits saying my eyes are red in my vlog at the end, I'll just have you know that I still like to shoot edit and upload all in one day, and I like to wear my contact lenses that whole time AND IT HURTS AND IS NO BUENO ON MY EYYYEEEEESSSSS NOOOOOOO ME NO LIKEY I don't do drugs, sorry for those of you that try to offer them to me, I appreciate your generosity but I'm already way too weird to begin with to do anything besides caffeine and alcohol. WHO WANTS A SANDWICH omg me. Fucking.... I need to go to bed until tomorrow byeee I love you and your mom and your uncle and your aunt and your other aunt and your cousin and your sexy friends. Tell your friends that their friend Jenna said HEY FRIENDS, lets go make some eggs together because it's about that egg time son we need our protein so we can feed our starving muscle children in our arms and stuff. YEAH. Wat. Wat is happening.

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