My Butterflies!

Posted on June 24th by Jenna

Thank you so much to the person that sent this Insect Lore kit to my P.O. Box after hearing how much I love butterflies on the podcast. I had so much fun growing them and letting them go and sorry for wearing the same outfit lol IM RACHET AND CANT STOP! For anyone wondering, the kit that was mailed to me is just a box with the butterfly garden (or as our friend Brett calls it, "a mini laundry basket") with a coupon for your live caterpillars. Then you use the code on the coupon and they ship the caterpillars to your house so that you can make sure you get them and they aren't left outside or anything. Then you just watch them grow! I felt like a 5 year old this whole time and there is no sham in my game, it was magical.