Open Letters

Posted on July 14th by Jenna

Here's the link to the awesome Popsockets I showed at the end

I hope you love them as much as I do. As you saw I literally took my old ones off my phone to put my new ones on, I've been using them for so long now and everyone always asks what they are because they make using your phone so much easier and you can do things with one hand so much better. Like even taking pictures or snap chatting is just 1000% easier because your fingers are secure around the pop socket. If you have a smaller phone you can totally just use one, on their website they show different uses and styles of placement for them like to wrap your headphones around or as a media stand like I use. I stick mine to my iPhone case and they have never come off unless I take them off, the adhesive is very strong. I will say though that make sure your case is a flat surface, if it's like some glitter rhinestone case it might not stay on as well or as long, I mean that seems like common sense right? Other uses I have noticed is anytime you have somewhere to hang your phone you totally can like before I got the clips for my pop sockets I was hanging my phone on my bike basket with them which was incredible for Pokemon Go 10/10 genius idea thank you I'm welcome. But really just having the stand function so I can set my phone on the table and watch stuff in the morning while I'm eating breakfast or doing my makeup is like my favorite thing ever, no more propping my phone up on weird stuff and crying because I can't see it know what I mean fam. Alright tweet me your pictures and stuff if you get them I really really hope you like them a lot because I haven't had anything for sale in over a year and this is very excitement time in my excitement hands are very an ready. Okay I'm gonna pokego and wear sunscreen about it okay bye

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