Recording My Radio Show Vlogmas Day 10

Posted on December 11th by Jenna

Like I said a while back, I wanted to show you how the YouTube15 recording works because it's pretty cool (and it's also what I can vlog on a thursday as it takes up the majority of the day to research write and record). Before this job, my only exposure to how radio shows actually worked was from visiting Julien at AMP. I started doing the show for SiriusXM in July of 2014 so it has really been an awesome year (and a halfish?) of working with them. I was so nervous when I first started about my lack of experience, they gave me almost no guidelines as to how they wanted it to be and as we went along Mikey would just give me some pointers or certain things I should throw in every once in a while and other than that they let me say and do whatever I want which is why it's such a fuck show in the best way. The clips of the show in this vlog are pretty tame, sometimes it's very lively and downright ridiculous, anything to just make it as fun and happy as possible because I figure if we're playing dope internet music, it better be fucky and fun know what I mean? It's also completely amazing that we play anybody that is trending on the internet, and that we do the whole thing over Skype. If any of you out there are looking to get into radio I think it's cool to see this kind of stuff and to also know there's a possibility that in the future, the need for you to physically record in a studio in order to reach an audience might be a thing of the past which is RAD AS FUCK. Hope you liked it, and this is why I never tweet anything cool on thursdays because I'm putting all my goofy shit into my radio show lol.