Things I Suck At

Posted on October 18th by Jenna

Doggy Toys:

Hey there sexual friend, in this video I talk about some of the things in life that I just flat out suck at (and there are so many, we really just touched the tip of the iceberg here). Some of those things include basketball, laundry, estimating numbers, history, painting my nails on my right hand, doing my hair and eyeliner, and saying no to my dogs when they want to nom the delicious cheese that I have in my hand. I am a terrible doggy mother, but at least they never have to grow up to be contributing members of society so I guess it's not that bad. I think it's cool to just let people know, hey I fucking suck at that, so then you will be a thousand times less embarrassed when they see just how bad you are at it. It also helps other people realize that you are in fact a human and not a robot with robotic arms and crazy robot eyes that wants to eat all the eggs from your refrigerator and use all your toilet paper for headdress making. Know what I mean? Okay good. I hope this video helps you realize that you don't have to be good at everything and that sometimes sucking at stuff is actually pretty funny. Come on, how bad do you want to play me in basketball now that you know how terrible I am at it? Exactly. Rasta banana monkey says "where's the bank?"

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