Vlogmas 2016 Day 12- Stuck On Youmas

Posted on December 14th by Jenna

I 10/10 still find it unbelievable that Julien only knows Cher from the movie stuck on you, when it came out of his mouth on the podcast (I believe it's called Julien Sucks at Celebrity Trivia Music Edition) I thought maybe he was joking but he's dead serious he really can't name you one other thing that Cher has ever done which honestly feels like an attack and I'm going to need a safe space from this actual assault of lack of knowledge because it's just the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard like how can you not know who Cher is how do you function in society without any knowledge of these people, like he's barely heard of Barbara Streisand and if I pressed him I'm pretty sure he would say he only knows Meryl Streep from Stuck on You as well like how is this possible how can I help this man I feel like he's just living in a tiny little bubble without any knowledge he's like one of those wolf boys that was raised by wolves and we have to teach him how to use language and what our culture is about and shit like how do I help him someone please help me he only knows trash like the movie Stuck on You what other garbage fills his mind please help send help to 1234 Internet Street it's where I live I'll be anxiously awaiting your help help me thank you. Jenna.