Vlogmas 2016 Day 16- Get Ready With Me Sephora Haulmas

Posted on December 18th by Jenna

Well the Sephora starts comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and they don't stop comin and Jaclyn Hill can sell me poopy flavored lolly pops and more poopy lolly pops and pops of lolly and tallest poppies on the trollies of toll roads while I pay my toll with a roll of quarters that I got to do my laundry with at the laundromat but then when I was finished I had a roll of quarters left over because I mostly like that big industrial sized one because that's my favorite and I get pissed off whenever that one is being used because THAT ONES MY FAVORITE AND I WHEELED ALL MY LAUNDRY HERE FROM MY APARTMENT IN A SHOPPING CART THAT I STOLE FROM SHAWS HOW FUCKING DARE YOU ITS 3AM WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING HERE IM THE ONLY PERSON THAT DOES LAUNDRY AT 3AM and then I eat a snack and then I try not to fall asleep and then I go get my laundry out and bring it back and hang up my clothes and then I'm excited so I squeeze marbles' little butt for a minute and go EEEEEEEEEE which I know he appreciates because we love each other by the way he's going to be 9 in the spring like wtf lol he's not even a dog how is he 9 years old anyways this description was brought to you from the year 2007.