Vlogmas 2016 Day 2- Bathmas

Posted on December 2nd by Jenna

Whats your favorite bath or your favorite dahl is it lentil dahl or some other dahl i don't even know about cool story hope you're having a good day i am I'm tired now from bathmas that bath really took all my bathmas right out of me now i need to sleep on our bed that julien fixed and is no longer like a taco, for real it was sinking in the middle and it was like we were sleeping in a taco TACOOOO BED ITS A TACOOOO BED WITH NO CHEESE ON IT BUT EXTRA SALSA AND LETTUCE AND HOT SAUCE then we ate the taco and built a new bed out of it, it's just like that but almost exactly nothing like that at all i just wanted to sing a song about a taco bed and if that's a real thing that exists that would be so fantastic wow great dreams would happen in a taco bed like only the sour creamiest of dreams would happen or like the cilantroiest of dreams or like taco fillingest of dreams no nightmares whatsoever only TACOOOO DREAMS ON MY TACOOOOO BEDD but we don't have it anymore because julien fixed it LIKE I SAID I JUST SAID THAT so now we are going to go sleep on it alright see ya later bye.