Vlogmas Day 3- RIP Computermas

Posted on December 4th by Jenna

Sorry this is such an absolutely boring vlog, probably the most boring vlog that has ever been posted to the internet I mean I've seen some boring stuff but this really is the most boring thing in the whole world I actually want to punch myself in the face it's so boring but you know I said I was going to do vlogmas and sometimes your life Is just a fucking snooze fest SNOOOOOZEEEE FESSTTT IS MEEEEE I AM ITTTTTTT also I'm adjusting pretty well to my dongle life I made a dongle bag for my dongles and I'm dongling around and dingle dongle it's not the worst its just kind of weird because it looks like your computer has tentacles like a small octopus with a flat face which is cool but also kind of invasive when you have a small work area or fucking lap and things are just all over the place also I noticed that the little peachy girl seems to be testing the waters of IF DONGLEZ AR AN TOYZ and ooooooggirlrllllglrlrllllll you better watch yourself because swear to fucking god if you try eating one of these dongles I will dongle you into another fucking dimension you don't even know they are NAHT toys FOR AN CERMETS and please keep your mouth to yourself I mean that's a general lesson that I feel like she's still learning which is annoying but hey her brain is the size of a lemon so can you really even blame her I can't its just what she thinks like even as human beings we used to think shit like the earth was flat lol fuckin dumbasses and that the sun revolved around the world lol fuckin narcissists or MOST HILARIOUSLY THAT ALIENS DONT EXIST HAHAH GET OUT OF MY FACE BOY THEY BEEEN HAD BEEN COMIN HERE FOR CENTURIES and damnit I am going to hug one before I leave and go chill in another dimension, the dimension where I bought the older Mac book pro and am not living dongle life so I can ask that self how her life is going sans dongles but anyways snooze away I hope you have a good Saturday and I'll see you tomorrow for vlog fuck