About Yesterday's Reading Mean Comments Video

Posted on January 15th by Jenna



I'd just like to say a couple of things about yesterday's video, Reading Mean Comments.  First of all, thank you to all of you who have responded so positively, in like a "Jenna, I care about you" kind of way.  Thank you for that.  Thank you so much.  Although it was not my goal to make elicit that reaction, it is much appreciated, and it really means the world to me.  With that off the top, I know I don't take as much time these days to sit down and write out my thoughts, but if I could just take a moment and do that, I would enjoy it.  OKAY JENNA DO IT.  Thanks Jenna, sure Jenna.  Good conversation with yourself Jenna.


My goal in making this video was to make something that you guys wanted to see.  I'm usually pretty fuckery brained, you guys give me the liberty and freedom to post whatever I want, you call me on my shit when it's bad, and give me positive feedback when it's good.  A lot of things happen in the process of taking an idea from inception, to writing, shooting, editing and uploading.  A lot can get lost, not be what you wanted or envisioned, hence when I have an idea that seems like a good one in theory, it can come out all kinds of weird when it's a final product.  Good idea Jenna!  Weird ass execution!  Thanks, Jenna.  This was not one of those videos, as it was not really a creative process.  I spent the day digging through comments across many platforms, individually picking out nasty and funny ones to read in front of a camera, pretty straight forward.  What I did cut out of the video for the sake of condensing it for time, was me acknowledging that this was a lengthy process.  People that converse with me through comments sections generally have wonderful things to say.  You guys are honest, critical, and supportive at the same time, all the makings of sincere friends.  Although many of us may never meet each other in person, that's how I feel.  We speak to each other online like we would in person if we were hanging out, and I respect that more than anything.  Finding horrific comments was not particularly easy, I had to look for them.  Although I see things like that on a daily basis, I ignore them or do exactly what I did in this video, have a good little chuckle at the fact that somebody wanted to know what the nail mark was on my forehead.  I want to commend those of you that interact with me (and many other people online) like human beings, and I hope you hold all of us to that same standard as well.  You are not an audience.  You are not numbers.  You are human beings, and you are heard and cared about.  It's the best and the worst thing about social media: we all have equal voices.


That being said, I reached a crossroads in editing this video.  (Mind you, if I were to have edited this with a more upbeat music, I don't think so many of you would have responded the way you had.  This was meant to be making light of insanity, not a sad woe is me time.  In retrospect I think that might have been a good idea and will remember that for the future, but I was trying to keep on theme without using REM's Everybody Hurts like the original videos).  The choice I was going back and forth between was, do I leave some of these really dark ones in here or not?  This is supposed to be a nice little funny video of me reacting to some garbage, even though we all know as humans, we can only handle so much until a couple of them really get under your skin. Or do I take them out and make this thing funny as fuck.  And I sort of watched it a couple of times through and decided to leave them there.  Because it was real.  That stuff exists.  All I can do is keep it real.  Often when I make something, before I even have an idea, I just have a feeling I would want someone watching it to get.  What's the feeling I want this person to feel.  That moment came after I had finished editing this video.  After I watched my rough cut, I decided that the feeling I was sitting with at the end was a mixture of laughter and an eyeopening sense that what I saw was human.  That's why I left in some of the ones that could have easily been taken out to create a funny video.  Because to me, sometimes it's not all funny.  We all sit and watch celebrities read hand picked one-liners from Jimmy Kimmel and have a good laugh, but if that person had to dig through and read them all, there's some real ass shit in there.  So that's what I wanted, why hide the fact that they exist when we can put it out there.


If there's anything I want you to take away from this video at this point, is to never be upset by stuff like this.  I was concerned that some of you thought I was sad or something like that, I mean come on, I've been living on the internet for many years now.  If I didn't have a thick skin I would have shut off my computer a long time ago.  It's important to know what exists, what people think, and it's also important to not care.  If you actually listened and took to heart the things people said about you, you would stop doing what you're doing.  Anyone would.  But if you stopped creating, then what are you doing?  I feel like we're all here in this big boat of life, all trying to put ourselves out there into the universe as much as we possibly can.  Don't ever stop doing that just because someone told you to.  I just wanted to give you a living, breathing example not edited for fucking television laughs of how to take something nasty on a daily basis, laugh at it, and move on.  I've watched some "Reading Mean Comments" videos that I felt didn't go there.  Hi I'm Jenna, I'm here for the real, can you please go there.  I want to see what happens when you read that real ass shit out loud thanks.  So that's what I did.  I know so many of you reach out to me that you're being bullied online.  We all experience it to some degree, and you can keep going.  Although my original goal in making this video was just so we can laugh at my expense for a second (hey, some of it's only funny because it's true), and now that it's out there my goal is to make you feel more reassured that I'm good, I'll always be good, I've got Jenna on my team!  Wow Jenna thanks!  Anytime Jenna.  And you've got me and you on your team.   It's important to be able to laugh at yourself, not take life too seriously, and remember that you can get anywhere in life that you want to go by just being a nice person.  Believe in that, and I promise you that it will come true.  Hey, hey sorry.... are you asleep?  I didn't mean to put you to sleep.  I was just talking about uhhh... giraffes!  They're great right?!  Alright welp, see ya later friend, have a good night okay?  Okay.  Thank you for being my internet friend.